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The Hubcap: November 2018

New Tool Helps States Identify EV Policies That Work, and Those That Don't

As the transportation sector races towards inexorable change, there is a growing focus on state regulations and how they will enable significant growth of electric vehicles (EVs).

While there are a few clear leaders in electric vehicle adoption, and states like California and Hawaii are taking proactive...

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All-Electric Vehicles Make Up 53% of Plug-In Vehicle Sales to Date

Cumulative sales of plug-in vehicles through July 2018 show that more than half (53%) are all-electric vehicles (EV). Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), which use electricity from the grid as well as gasoline, make up the other 47%. Together, sales of EV and PHEV add to more than 900,000 cumulative vehicles from the first...

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Green Energy Biofuel to Open New Facility in South Carolina

Green Energy Biofuel says it plans to invest $4.3 million to build a fats, oils, and grease (FOG) recycling facility in Warrensville, South Carolina. The planned 36,000 square foot facility is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2018.

According to an announcement posted by the South Carolina Department of...

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REGISTER: PCF Alternative Fuel Webinar Series: "Reporting"

Palmetto Clean Fuels (PCF) invites you to attend the last webinar of its 2018 series. This webinar will discuss the types of data that PCF collects for South Carolina and how that data is used across the country. PCF has hosted three previous one-hour webinars during 2018. Call-in information will be emailed to...

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GREET® 2018 Released

GREET (The Greenhouse ases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Transportation Model) provides the user with an easy to use and fully graphical toolbox to perform life cycle analysis simulations of alternative transportation fuels and vehicle technologies in a matter of a few clicks. The tool includes the data of...

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Waymo Details How Emergency Services Should Deal with Self-Driving Incidents

Waymo has officially published guidelines cops and first responders can follow in case an autonomous car is involved in an accident. Without a human driver controlling the wheel, after all, there's nobody to ask license or information from. More importantly, authorities need to...

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Report Recommends Ways for Cities, Schools to Finance Electric Buses


  • The U.S. PIRG Education Fund released a report examining how transit agencies and school districts can finance a switch from diesel or natural gas to...

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