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2019 SC State Diesel Emissions Reductions Act (DERA) Grants Fund Projects for Reducing Pollutants

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Each year, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) receives an allocation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fund the State Diesel Emissions Reductions Act (DERA) program. Diesel engines produce numerous pollutants that are harmful to human and environmental health. 
DERA grants are awarded to eligible applicants whose proposed projects utilize cost-effective strategies to reduce diesel emissions through engine repowers, equipment and exhaust retrofits, or equipment replacements. The funding is intended for county, city or other local government entities, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and colleges or universities. DHEC is able to fund between 25 percent and 100 percent of project costs, depending on the type of project.
“We are excited to be able to partner with several local businesses through these 2019 State DERA grants,” said Rhonda Thompson, Chief of DHEC’s Bureau of Air Quality. “Each year, funds from the DERA program help us reduce the amount of harmful air pollutants produced by older diesel engines while simultaneously spurring economic growth in South Carolina.”
For the 2019 State DERA program, DHEC awarded four grants:
  • Walter P. Rawl and Sons, Inc.: awarded $60,000 to help replace four farm tractors
  • C.R. Jackson, Inc.: awarded $97,075 to help replace two asphalt trucks
  • Palmetto Propane, Fuels and Ice, Inc.: awarded $65,000 to help replace two tanker trucks.
  • Green Energy Biofuel: awarded $22,500 to help replace one vacuum truck
DHEC expects to receive another allocation from EPA for the 2020 State DERA this summer or fall. More information, including the 2020 State DERA request for proposals, will be released in the coming months.
Learn more about DERA grant opportunities and previously projects funded by these grants in South Carolina on DHEC’s DERA webpage. For questions or more information, please contact Sam Christmus via email or at (803) 898-0717.