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Free Technical Assistance for Your Fleet

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Palmetto Clean Fuels (PCF) can provide free technical assistance to your fleet! PCF uses the Alternative Fuel-Life Cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation Tool (AFLEET), which was developed in coordination with the US Department of Energy (DOE) and Argonne National Laboratory.

How it Works

PCF reviews and enters your fleet data into the AFLEET tool. This data includes the following information:

  • vehicle make and model,
  • fuel type,
  • number of vehicles,
  • fuel economy and annual mileage,
  • purchase price,
  • infrastructure pricing, and
  • fuel/diesel emission fluid price.

Then, PCF staff is able to model petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutant emissions, total cost of ownership, and payback (return on investment) as compared to an alternatively fueled fleet rather than one of conventional gasoline and diesel.

AFLEET simplifies the difficult task of estimating the environmental and economic impacts of numerous conventional and alternative fuel vehicles. Fleet managers can use the tool to understand their current environmental footprint or compare potential vehicle purchases to see what alternative fuel vehicles make sense based on the fleet’s operations. This tool is also useful for setting company goals and applying for financial assistance.

For more information or to schedule a free analysis of your fleet, contact Ben Kessler by email or phone at (803) 737-0989.