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Annual Fleet Fuel Study: Fleets Saved $895 Million In 2018

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The North American Council for Freight Efficiency just released its 8th Annual Fleet Fuel Study of the various products and practices adopted by 21 major North American fleets to help them improve their freight efficiency.
Report findings include:

  • The 21 fleets are increasing their adoption rate of 85 fuel-saving technologies and practices. In 2003 the adoption rate was 17%; in 2018 it is 45%.
  • The average fleet-wide fuel economy of the trucks in this study was 7.27 mpg in 2018.
  • For the 16 years of this study, the average rate of improvement in MPG is 2.0%.
  • The fleets in the study are saving $9,912 over the national average of 5.98 MPG.
  • The 21 fleets operating 73,844 trucks saved $895,318,953 in 2018 compared to the average trucks on the road.

 Study conclusions include:

  • Fleets continue to adopt fuel-saving technologies.
  • Multiple factors are influencing fleet adoption.
  • Manufacturers accelerated delivery of technologies.

To view the full study, visit the NACFE website