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DOE Announces Notice of Intents Released for Upcoming Funding Opportunity Announcements

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Vehicle Technologies Funding Opportunity: Advanced Vehicle Technologies Research

The US Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Office has released a notice of intent to issue a funding announcement (FOA) titled "Fiscal Year 2020 Advanced Vehicle Technologies Research FOA". This FOA is aimed at supporting the growth of advanced vehicle technologies to strengthen national security, economic growth and increase the affordability of transportation for Americans. It will include Technology Integration projects that deploy alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure that partner with Clean Cities Coalitions. Potential project topics may include the following topics:

  • Energy Efficient Mobility Systems
  • Gaseous Fuels Technology Demonstration Projects
  • Alternative Fuel Proof-of-Concept in New Communities and Fleets Projects
  • Electric Vehicle and Charging Community Partner Projects
  • Technology Integration - Open Topic
  • Others

Read the entire Notice of Intent.


Fuel Cell Technologies Funding Opportunity: H2@Scale

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced a Notice of Intent (NOI) to issue a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to advance innovations that will build new markets for H2@Scale. Transformational research and development (R&D) and innovative concepts for new H2@Scale markets will be key to expanding hydrogen opportunities and converting them into market solutions that benefit the American people and provide added value for the economy. 

Potential topics under the FOA include:  

  • Electrolyzer Manufacturing R&D
  • Advanced Carbon Fiber for Compressed Storage Tanks
  • Fuel Cell R&D for Heavy-Duty Applications
  • H2@Scale New Markets R&D—HySteel
  • H2@Scale New Markets Demonstrations
  • Training and Workforce Development

This FOA supports the vision of affordable and large-scale production, storage, transport and utilization of hydrogen in the United States.

Read the entire Notice of Intent