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NGVAmerica Presents 2019 Clean Fleet Month

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Presented by NGVAmerica, the American Gas Association and the American Public Gas Association, the 2019 Drive Nat Gas Clean Fleet Month is a countrywide month of events highlighting the benefits of natural gas use in transportation.
As a low-cost domestic fuel option, natural gas is an American solution, delivering cost-effective reductions in transportation-related pollutants. Using renewable natural gas captured from agricultural, food, landfill or wastewater waste allows for even greater reductions in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. With renewable natural gas, the product becomes carbon neutral or even carbon negative.
Natural gas currently powers passenger vehicles, medium-duty work vehicles, short- and long-haul trucks, school buses, transit buses and shuttles, refuse trucks, construction and mining equipment, marine vessels, and locomotives.
2019 Clean Fleet Month sponsors include: Agility Fuel Solutions, the American Gas Association, the American Public Gas Association, the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition, NGVAmerica, New Jersey Natural Gas, the Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance, and U.S. Gain.
NGVAmerica is a national organization of over 200 companies and organizations dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles, ships and carriers powered by natural gas or biomethane.  NGVAmerica member companies produce, distribute, and market natural gas and biomethane across North America, manufacture and service natural gas vehicles, engines, and equipment, and operate fleets powered by clean-burning gaseous fuels.  Find out more at: