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Landrum Modernizing Downtown with Electric Car Charging Station

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If you build it, they will come. That's the idea behind a new program in the City of Landrum.

Landrum is a charming southern town with an unexpected modern twist.

"What do you think of the charging stations for electric cars?" 7News Reporter Stefany Bornman asked.

"I think it's getting more and more popular," said Bruce Helton.

"I mean I think it's a fabulous idea going into the future," Helen Draheim said.

In May, the city installed its first electric car charging station. It's right in the heart of downtown on N. Trade Avenue.

The charging station was funded by a grant from the SC Office of Regulatory Staff- Energy Office.

The City Administrator told 7News the number of electric cars on the road is growing each year, so having the technology puts Landrum ahead of the curve.

It also doesn't hurt the amenity will appeal to new visitors, which will drive foot traffic downtown and local businesses like the sound of that.

"A lot of people getting into electric cars, hybrid type cars, are people with a higher disposable income which is a very good attraction to this area," Trip Whitlock, Foothills Amish Furniture, said.

City leaders say the charging stations also show their support for improving air quality in the Upstate. That's a huge bonus for local residents.

"It's good to have that kind of clean air thought going forward," Draheim told 7News.

You can use the charging station for free until October 1. After that, it'll cost $1.

The city is keeping track of the number of cars that use the charging station and if the pilot program takes off more stations could be installed downtown.