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National Network of Clean Cities Coalitions Marks 25 Years

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Palmetto Clean Fuels contributes to national success in advancing affordable, domestic transportation fuels and technologies.

Clean Cities coalitions are marking 25 years of progress building local partnerships to advance affordable, domestic transportation fuels and technologies, which ensure our nation’s energy and economic security. The U.S. Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) designated the first Clean Cities coalition in 1993, and Palmetto Clean Fuels has been a key contributor in South Carolina since its founding in 2004.

Through a combination of projects focused on increasing vehicle efficiency, shifting to domestic energy sources, and offering consumers additional transportation choices, Clean Cities coalitions have achieved a cumulative impact in energy use equal to nearly 8 billion gasoline-gallon equivalents and avoided more than 42 million tons of emissions. Palmetto Clean Fuels and its stakeholders have led the charge in South Carolina and have saved 5,802,194 gasoline-gallon equivalents in 2017 alone.

"The key to the national network of Clean Cities coalitions’ enduring success over the past 25 years is the proven ability to forge local partnerships," said National Clean Cities Director Dennis Smith. "Coalitions bring stakeholders together to collaborate on innovative projects and events and build on each other’s successes. By leveraging these people and resources, Clean Cities coalitions advance our nation’s transportation system far beyond what any single organization could accomplish on its own."

Clean Cities coalitions have grassroots expertise with a 25-year track record of successfully transforming transportation. Nearly 100 Clean Cities coalitions across the country work with close to 13,000 stakeholders cumulatively to facilitate projects focused on alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies, along with idle-reduction measures, fuel-economy improvements, and new transportation technologies as they emerge.

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