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Proterra Battery-Electric Bus Shuttles Super Bowl Fans

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Proterra, the leading innovator in heavy-duty electric transportation, announced that Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) would deploy a 40-foot Proterra Catalyst® E2 electric bus for Super Bowl LII.

"As thousands of people flock to the Twin Cities for the Big Game, it's paramount that we deliver on our promise to provide reliable, high-performance transit to all of our riders," said MVTA Executive Director Luther Wynder. "By deploying the Proterra® battery-electric bus during the busiest week of the year, we will share this state-of-the-art technology with travelers from near and far."

The buses were scheduled to run during rush hour and weekend peak hours and shuttled customers from popular destinations such as the Mall of America, the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis, Cedar Grove and Burnsville Transit Stations. Beginning on Friday, January 26 through February 4 on Super Bowl Sunday, the Proterra bus operated during freezing temperatures. The vehicle's performance remains reliable through extreme weather because its E2 battery system includes active thermal management which monitors battery cell temperature and voltage, with more than 70 sensors capturing 160 different diagnostic data streams from each battery pack.

Proterra manufactures their battery electric buses in the Upstate of SC. MVTA chose the Proterra Catalyst E2 because of its proven transit performance in other similar climates such as Worcester Regional Transit Authority in Massachusetts and Park City Transit in Utah. The Catalyst E2 is ideal for MVTA driving conditions because of its purpose-built electric bus design, energy-dense batteries, and efficient drivetrain. Proterra recently broke the world record for range, achieving 1,101.2 miles on a single charge utilizing E2 battery technology.

"With thousands of visitors coming to town, this was the perfect time to team up with MVTA and demonstrate the Catalyst E2 vehicle's unique cold-weather performance capabilities," said Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra. "To compete in the transit market, we've placed great emphasis on designing for durability, and we've created a drivetrain and battery system that completely outperforms conventional fossil-fuel powered drivetrains in every major performance category. We're excited to support MVTA and our transit partners as they redefine what it means to move the masses."