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Bicycle Repair Stations Selected as What’s Next Midlands Project

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What’s Next Midlands (WNM) hosted another voting event Tuesday night to select the next idea to have a positive impact on the Midlands.

Social Investors celebrated the newest project, a network of bicycle repair stands, at the WNM Voting Event at SOCO Bull Street on Tuesday, September 22.

The finalists for this round included a musical playground, bicycle repair stations, and family yoga and tai chi in the park.

After the project ideas were presented, Social Investors cast their votes and the bicycle repair stations were deemed the winner. The idea involves creating a network of bicycle repair stations throughout West Columbia, Cayce, and Columbia so that bicyclist won’t have to worry about being stranded with a flat tire. WNM will work in conjunction with the Cola Town Bike Collective to install these stations throughout the Midlands.

When asked how they thought this initiative would impact the Midlands, co-owners Scott Nuelken and David King responded, “for those who have no other form of transportation, these stands will provide vital tools to keep them on the road and off of their feet. If you do not have a car, a flat tire could mean getting to your job on time or not.”

“The bike work stations are part of a bigger picture; connecting the Midlands. Our hope is to connect the existing infrastructure — bike lanes, pedestrian paths, greenways and parks to make the Midlands more cohesive when it comes to getting around by bike.”