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The Hubcap: June 2019

Energy Office Mini-grant Application Period Opening July 1, 2019

The Office of Regulatory Staff - Energy Office (Energy Office) will begin taking applications for mini-grants beginning July 1, 2019. The US Department of Energy provides the Energy Office with funds to support high-impact competitive demonstration projects...

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Landrum Modernizing Downtown with Electric Car Charging Station

If you build it, they will come. That's the idea behind a new program in the City of Landrum.

Landrum is a charming southern town with an unexpected modern twist.

"What do you think of the charging stations for electric cars?" 7News Reporter Stefany Bornman asked.

"I think it's getting more and more...

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Proterra Rolls out Turnkey Fleet Management

Proterra, a maker of heavy-duty electric transportation, has launched Proterra Energy fleet solutions, enabling turnkey delivery of a “complete energy ecosystem” for fleets, the company says.

Proterra designs, builds, deploys and maintains proprietary electric buses, batteries, chargers and charging...

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Plug-in Vehicles in the United States Displaced 323 Million Gallons of Gasoline in 2018

US plug-in vehicles, which include all-electric (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), have been saving increasing amounts of gasoline. In 2018, plug-in vehicles on the road displaced 323 million gallons of gasoline or about one quarter of a percent of all gasoline used in the United States. Gasoline...

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5 Lessons from Cities Trying to Fix Traffic

To fight the gridlock that plagues American cities, some mayors and city councils are taking a new tack: Rather than adding more lanes and more pavement, they're trying to reduce car traffic, or even eliminate it entirely. What can urban leaders learn from city experiments in going carless? Five big lessons from cities...

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FHWA Releases New Environmental Justice (EJ) Publications

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released two new environmental justice (EJ) resources:

  • ...

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Bio-based Diesel Fuels Made Greatest Impact on Emissions Reduction

Recent data from the California Air Resources Board Low Carbon Fuel Standard program shows that biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel use eliminated 4.3 million tons of carbon dioxide in California in 2018, more than any other fuel type, including ethanol and battery electric power.

Because the latest generation of...

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GREET Advances Understanding of the Sustainability of Biofuels, Bioproducts, and Biopower

The Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (GREET) model is a tool that examines the life-cycle impacts of vehicle technologies, fuels, products, and energy systems. It provides a transparent platform through which energy and...

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Vanpooling Offered as Solution to Stress, Pollution

Neil Semcheski told members of the Upstate Air Quality Advisory Committee that vanpooling could be one solution to several challenges the region will face as it grows.

Air quality in the Upstate is in pretty good shape, and a recent meeting of the committee was arranged by Ten...

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Clean Cities Coalitions 2017 Activity Report


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