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Date Posted: March 19, 2018

Connecting our Future: Idea Exchange

Location: The Michelin Conference Center 517 Michelin Road, Bldg. 18 Greenville, SC 29605

Connecting Our Future is a year long effort with a goal of creating a regional vision for improving mobility and connectivity in the ten county Upstate of South Carolina.
The Connecting Our Future effort is led by a coalition of Upstate stakeholders representing education, transit systems, local governments, economic development organizations, healthcare, conservation groups, and Upstate businesses.
Connecting Our Future Goals:

Reduce Congestion 
Increase Connectivity & Mobility in the Upstate 
Move People & Freight Across the Region Safely
Improve Quality of Life & Health of Upstate residents by Reducing Emissions

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT https://tenatthetop.org/connecting-our-future-3/