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Date Posted: March 31, 2016

ChargePoint Webinar making the Business Case for EV Charging

Webinar Replay

Webinar Replay: Making the Business Case for EV Charging
Tuesday, March 31, 2016
Did you know that offering EV charging as an amenity for your employees, customers and residents can be a key differentiator for you? It helps attract and retain top talent, build customer loyalty and repeat business, and has proven to actually help organizations achieve their business goals. 
Electric vehicles (EVs) are coming faster than you think with 10X growth in the last 4 years and are expected to comprise over 5% - 15% of all car sales by 2020 depending on your region. Is your business, workplace, property or city EV ready?
Join Tom Moloughney, restaurant owner, Plug in America board member and electric vehicle advocate, at our webinar to learn about:
• EV charging for employees, customers and residents - what you need to know
• How EV charging can help you achieve your business goals
• Real life success stories, best practices and recommendations
• How ChargePoint can help
Tom Moloughney,
EV Advocate
Saranya Babu,