Idle Reduction

Idling is running a vehicle’s engine when the vehicle isn’t moving. Idling wastes fuel and creates harmful emissions.
Stop Idling. Start $aving.IdleBox is an electronic education and outreach toolkit on vehicle idling reduction from the US Department of Energy. The low-hanging fruit of fuel economy, idling reduction is a simple way to use less fuel and to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases. 
Breathe Better
Breathe Better (B2) is an anti-idling, clean air education program promoted by DHEC's Bureau of Air Quality. The goal of B2 is to help protect public health and improve air quality by reducing harmful vehicle emissions around school campuses and other public spaces.
B2 is engaging community partners to help encourage all South Carolinians to turn off their engines while they wait. Schools and businesses can sign up to receive free educational and outreach materials 
to help make their campuses and parking lots idle-free zones that are healthier for students, employees, visitors, and the community.